After hearing about how amazing Crete’s beaches are and how beautiful the old town of Chania is… and after watching the movie The two faces of January, I was convinced and off to Crete, Greece.

Arriving there I got a bit disappointed from the big crowd of tourists in the old town of Chania… and that in the month of September; I can only imagine how crazy this town gets in August. Regardless, the old town is beautiful and the beaches I have visited are truly amazing! We took advice of where to swim and eat from a local man (clearly a man of good taste)!


Favourite fish place

Thalassino ageri – Halepa, Chania

The location of this place is so surreal and the food truly fantastic! Hidden within ruined old buildings right by the water.


Favourite meat place

Throumpi sti Ladokolla

Located close to the old market on Chatzimichali Daliani street, Chania town


For a drink.

Monastiri tou Karolou

A restored 16th century monastery with an open courtyard bar/café, gallery.

On Chatzimichali Daliani street, Chania town



Best beach I have visited in Crete is definitely the one on Gramvousa island. You can only get there by boat. We were lucky enough that there were not too many passengers on the boat and we only shared the uninhabited island with another twenty people. However, very unlucky from the extremely bad sea weather that made almost everyone sea sick during the 55 minute boat trip to the small island. My husband and I took one of those pills for nausea so we didn’t get sick but watching everyone else to it, really ruined it for us. I must admit I got a bit scared when the crew asked everybody to move to the inside cabin because the boat was riding waves like a roller coaster… plates falling, breaking, a fridge in motion, people in panic, crying, throwing up, background music playing and so on… Really!

Falasserna beach and Balos lagoon have also amazing waters for a swim.

Arriving at the famous Elafonisi I got a bit disappointed. Too big of a beach, very shallow waters, full of tourists but to be fair the seascape was beautiful. Also, the drive to get there from Chania was long but enjoyable.

Crete is a big island with a lot of beautiful beaches to discover and villages to visit. I will definitely be going back for more.

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