Kallistheni. No one calls me that besides my father. I guess it reminds me of the special bond between my dad and me and now with all of you. Everyone else knows me as Kalia (the short version).

Born in Limassol, Cyprus grew up and went to school there until I left for college in New York City. I studied something completely irrelevant to fashion… computer science and mathematics… seriously, how much more irrelevant than that can you get? Nevertheless, I do find there is a creative calculated precision in putting together an outfit that works.

My interest in fashion and personal sense of style was always there. I still remember when I got the new Nike airmax for the new school year (that was in the early 90s). Same as today, back then the airmax were a big trend and I just wanted to wear them like I “owned” them… if you know what I mean. So, before even stepping out in them I tortured and distressed them by jumping on them with my dirtiest boots. I guess that was my idea of looking effortless… yet, another proof of how much effort it takes for effortless style.

I was always intrigued by the idea to work in fashion but never thought possible. And so, I continued my education with a postgraduate degree and an MBA thesis on how transactional fashion websites influence online consumer behaviour. A subject that really interested me as I was and still am one of those consumers searching and shopping for fashion items online.

I now live in Dubai with my husband and I am finally embarking on a project of my own. A project that aims to include everything I love about fashion, beauty and living in style!


Welcome to my Blog!